Hello Imi! – Volume #2 (Colored Version, Chapter #11 – 20)


Colored version of Hello Imi! – Chapter #11 – 20. Proceeds will support Imi Comics to continue publishing free self-development content for readers worldwide!


Product Description

While there are a lot of valuable content on self-development today – factors such as age, interest, time, attention span, financial status, environment and etc. might prevent one from accessing them. As such, we’ve worked to provide self-development education in a slightly more entertaining way and made them free so many more can benefit from them.

To keep our work free and reach as many people as possible internationally, we need your support!

Instead of just asking for donations, we thought that we must offer value to our sponsors. That is why we’ve also worked hard to offer you these colored chapters.

The benefits of these colored chapters include:

  • Reading attractiveness – Other than enhancing the content’s beauty, the colors can also provide a more engaging reading experience and potentially improve reading memory.
  • Usability as posters – It can be printed in your preferred size, laminated or framed and displayed at the office, at home or outdoors as long as it’s for non-commercial purposes!
  • Continued free publishing of Imi Comics – Your sponsor will not only help us to take care of the Imi team and allow us to keep publishing valuable self-development comic to readers worldwide for free, but also potentially grow to offer far greater value through our work.

Thank you very much for your support, and we hope you’ll enjoy the colored version of Hello Imi! – Volume #2 which includes the colored version of Chapter #11-20!

License: Printing for personal and non-commercial use is encouraged and allowed. For commercial use, please kindly contact us at http://helloimi.com//helloimi.com/contact-us/.

Printing Instructions: The standard paper most people use for printing our chapters is in A4 size. As the frames from our comic might vary in size and is more often horizontally-oriented, please kindly select “Landscape” orientation and set the zoom to “Fit to Page” for an ideal A4 print.

File Type: Downloadable PDF.


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