Welcome to Imi Comics!

Hi and welcome to Imi Comics! My name is Seth Chong, and I’m the author of “Hello Imi!”

Since young, I’ve often experienced heartaches about life. As an introvert, I was cursed – or perhaps blessed – with an over-sensitive capability of picking up on the emotions and subtleties of others.

Because of that, even in the midst of happy moments, I might be reminded of others who may be in unfortunate circumstances. Otherwise, my mind might project thoughts as to the impermanence of things as well.

As a result, it has always been difficult for me to just feel completely happy.

This innate heartache has influenced my thinking my entire life, and led to a passion for seeking out wisdom for happiness.

The Beauty of Learning

In a lot of ways, being able to learn wisdom made living life possible for me. It quenched my thirst for an answer to making life better, and kept me hopeful about a brighter future.

The only downside? The expanse of wisdom is very, very vast.

To really practice wisdom for making our lives better, we’d have to learn a lot of it. And to live happier, we’d have to put a lot of the wisdom we’ve learned into practice all at once depending on circumstances.

However, there’s beauty in its vast expanse. Each time I learned valuable wisdom, life would become beautiful. How I wish that it could be possible to share this beauty with others!

How I wish that it could be possible to share this beauty with others!

The Birth of “Hello Imi!”

For 7 years before starting “Hello Imi!”, I was blessed with the opportunity of being an entrepreneur. Through these years, I was fortunate to experience an abundance of wealth. We’ve accomplished a lot, overcame a lot of challenges and achieved our share of accolades as well.

However, in the middle of 2019, my then partner and I have decided to bring our business to a close after being affected by regulatory challenges for 3 years. The event provided me with the space to reconsider my course of career. Knowing that I’ll always have a passion for wisdom and in the sharing of it with others, I’ve decided to do my best in making it a career.

Acknowledging that entertainment can be a lot more attractive than reading a plain article today – and that I wish that more people can benefit from my work, I’ve decided to work with an artist to turn my writings into a comic that can be enjoyed by a lot more people.

The result is “Hello Imi!” that you’re reading today!

Please Enjoy Our Work

I really wish that you’d enjoy “Hello Imi!”, and that our work can somehow accompany you in life and help you to live life just that little bit brighter or happier.

If you do like our episodes, please do kindly help us to share them!

My goal at Imi Comics is to help a lot more people in the world to find genuine happiness, and secretly, I wish that our work will be able to positively touch the lives of at least 1,000,000,000 readers by 2050.

To make that possible, I’d need all the support I can get – so your shares will be very helpful!

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With that, welcome to enjoy our episodes of “Hello Imi!”, and I sincerely wish that we can accompany you through your daily life, and help you to live life a little bit brighter or happier!

Seth Chong
Author, “Hello Imi!”